Influences by Cosmos Quartet

Influences by Cosmos Quartet

Santi Barguñó produces the album ‘Influences’ by Cosmos Quartet, published by Seed Music, and including works by Haydn, Brahms and Raquel García-Tomás.

The Cosmos Quartet is one of the Catalan chamber music ensembles with the greatest international projection today. In 2018, they were awarded First Prize in the Irene Steels-Wilsing Foundation Competition. They also won First Prize at the 13th BBVA Prize-Montserrat Alavedra Chamber Music Competition and were finalists in the prestigious Geneva Competition and the Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition.

Cosmos Quartet

Helena Satué, violin
Bernat Prat, violin
Lara Fernández, viola
Oriol Prat, cello


JOSEPH HAYDN: String Quaret op. 64, n. 6 in E flat Major
JOHANNES BRAHMS: String Quaret op. 67, n. 3 in B flat Major
RAQUEL GARCÍA-TOMÁS: Così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei (world premiere of the string quartet version)