Sometimes we discover recordings that are of interest due to their historical or artistic value but unfortunately are in a very poor state of conservation.
Our surgical digital processing tools can achieve unimaginable results and in combination with the experience of our team, we can restore your precious recordings to new life. Crackles, pops, clicks, mouth-noises, background noise, even the sound of the room can be attenuated or removed to make the recording sound better. 

Whether you’re restoring old movies, archiving rare vinyl content, cleaning production dialogue or just wanting to improve the original recording, our production team at N Studio Lisbon will meet your expectations.

We offer the following services:

  • Clicks and Crackles removal
  • Background noise removal
  • Tape Hiss Removal
  • Voice Isolation (Isolate the voice from the rest of the recording)
  • Clipping Distortion Repair
  • Tape “Dropouts” Repair (Clicks, glitches etc)
  • Hum and Buzz Removal

Contact us for the details and prices.