Mastering is the last creative step in the audio production process, the bridge between mixing and fisical replication or digital distribution. It’s the last opportunity to enhance sound or repair problems within an acousticaly designed room under an audio microscope. It adds the final touch that makes a record sound finished and playable on a wide variety of systems.

Bob Katz


It is quite common for musicians to receive a sound recording of their performance, kindly provided by the organizers of a concert series or festival. Often despite the energy, inspiration and spontaneity being there, the sound is rather disappointing. In these cases it is possible to greatly improve the sound impression with a good remix and/or remaster.

Here are some examples of remastering done by our team:



Mastering your audio is the last step before giving listeners the true impression of its artistic ideal.


Our Digital Package includes:

  • Flac 48khz 16 bit (standard radio broadcast)
  • MP3 320 kbps (web content)
  • Wav 48khz 16 bit (master archive)

If you need other formats such as DDP or High Resolution formats, we can also provide them.

Contact us for the details and prices.