Neu Records │ Madrigal

Neu Records │ Madrigal

Neu Records has just released the album we recorded at Sala Mozart de l’Auditori in Zaragoza! ‘Madrigal’ by Joan Magrané masterfully performed by Quatuor Diotima is now available. We recorded it in 3D format, using our multi-channel microphone array (NIMA) to recreate the acoustic space and be able to play it back in an immersive way.

“The music of Joan Magrané is the fruit of a passionate and sensitive musician, a wise connoisseur of the history and techniques – of writing and performance practice – that have been produced over the centuries. At the same time he is a composer of our time, an antenna of its complexity, and an artist endowed with a vision projected towards the future.”


You can acquire the album here: