“Swiss Treasures” by Art’Ventus

“Swiss Treasures” by Art’Ventus

Art’Ventus Quintet made a successful album debut with “Swiss Treasures”, an album recorded and produced by N Studio Lisbon.

Compiling hidden gems of Swiss classical music, featuring compositions by Paul Juon, Paul Huber, Gion Antoni Derungs, and Peter Mieg, the album offers rigorous interpretations of 20th-century masterpieces, some of which have never been published before.

Critics have praised the album, with the Pizzicato Journal noting that “All the works are excellently interpreted and the sound engineering has succeeded in creating an exceptionally good, spacious, and well-balanced recording.”. This praise underscores the quintet’s commitment to delivering outstanding musical performances while providing a top-tier listening experience.

“Swiss Treasures” is not only a musical journey that breathes new life into these forgotten Swiss compositions but also a testament to the group’s dedication to delivering remarkable interpretations and sound quality, earning high praise from critics.

The album is available in streaming platforms and can be purchased at: https://prospero.8merch.com/product/artventus-swiss-treasures-cd/